GDU SAGA is a light industrial UAV system with military quality, folding design, and super industrial performance, as well as having a variety of intelligent payload support and open platform integration capabilities.

It is capable of making great achievements in the fields of public safety, forest fire prevention, petroleum, electricity, traffic, and maritime patrol.



Features outstanding

  • Military Quality
    Smooth lines, military-grade manufacturing and inspection processes.
  • Foldable Portability
    Integrated folding design, compact size.
  • 39min Max Flight Time
    39mins of stable and durable power.
  • Open SDK
    Provide APP, airborne computing platform, open interface, communication protocol and customization services of payload.
  • Compatible Universal Payload
    Carries payloads like HD, infrared and zoom cameras, megaphones, and searchlights.
  • Super Heavy Load
    1kg load can handle the requirement of multiple tasks.
  • 10KM HD Video Transmission
    Built-in remote HD video transmission, image transmission distance up to 10km.
  • Vision Positioning System
    Ultrasonic and optical flow positioning system achieves precise hovering.
  • Obstacle Avoidance
    Accurate binocular stereo vision obstacle avoidance system guarantees flight safety.
  • Carefree Charging
    When you go out, you can charge 4 mobile devices at the same time to meet multiple needs.
  • Intelligent Control
    Automatic return, route planning, follow me and more.
Manufacturer GDU
10 km.
Type of device High performance modular drone
745 × 555 × 225 mm. (unfolded)
273 × 224 × 107 mm. (folded)
Maximum Take-off Weight 3,4 kg.
Maximum Load 1 kg.
Maximum Horizontal Flight Speed 15 m/s. (Sport Mode, Sea Level/ No Wind)
Maximum Flight Altitude 3.500 m.
Maximum Tolerable Wind Speed 10 m/s.
Maximum Flight Time 39 min.
Satellite Positioning Module GPS/GLONASS Dual Mode
Precisión (P-GPS) Vertical: ±0,5m (Downward vision system: ±0,1m)
Horizontal: ±1,5m (Downward vision system: ±0,3m)
IP Protection Level IP43


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